Baker Beach

IMG_8482.jpg IMG_8490.jpg IMG_8538.jpg IMG_8533.jpg IMG_8545.jpg IMG_8561.jpg IMG_8495.jpgA few weeks ago Ryan and I went down to Baker Beach. It was a perfectly foggy day (thank you San Francisco) and we enjoyed some time on the beach. I love finding different views of the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter what I never get sick of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. To me this bridge is just absolutely amazing and every time I see it makes me happy. I love the beaches up here, mainly because being fully clothed  and wrapped up in blankets is sort of my thing. I love these foggy summer days that San Francisco is blessed with.

Back from the fog

fog-18.jpg fog2.jpg fog1.jpg fog-13.jpg fog3.jpg fog-15.jpg fog4.jpg fog6.jpg fog5.jpg fog-4.jpgSo I think Ryan and I have potentially resolved my blog issues for now. It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging, but I’m happy to be back. These photos are from a few months ago when Ryan and I went exploring. We were up in Marin and it was a beautiful foggy night. I love the log of fog on the hills and I absolutely loved exploring this new area. We really do live in a beautiful area and I love finding new places to go. Ryan is the best adventure partner, he’s always willing to go to new places with me.

Here’s to hopefully more consistent blogging from me. Happy weekend everyone!

An Excuse

IMG_1452.jpgIts come to my attention that I don’t blog anymore, well here’s the thing: image hosting issues. I’ve been meaning to blog, I have things to blog, pictures to blog, etc. but I’ve run into a few issues with some plugins for my blog that Ryan and I are trying to fix. So please excuse my silence Elisabeth and my far and few readers while we fix this issue. I’ve got lots of fun things to share, so please don’t hate me while Ryan (I don’t know why I say we, he’s the smart one that fixes things) find a better way to host images and pluggins and all that stuff that I don’t get. Now all we have to do is find the time to fix the problem,  I hope to fix it soon cause I do miss blogging! Hoping to be back up and running full throttle soon!