Tour Guides for life

kayla-1.jpgkayla-7.jpg kayla-2.jpgkayla-4.jpg kayla-3.jpg kayla-5.jpgkayla2.jpg kayla-14.jpg kayla-17.jpgkayla3.jpg A few weeks back my niece came to visit us. She was here to check out some colleges in the area. While she was here we wanted to give her a tour of the city. We went around and took her to all the toursity “must see” places. Even though we are still new to the area, I swear we are always playing ‘tour guide’ to those that visit, but I don’t mind. Next time around we will take her to all our favorites of course. It was fun ┬áto take her to all of these places and I loved having my sister-in-law here too. They are both just so cute. I loved looking through these photos again, and I am already wanting them to come back and visit again! Love these girls, and more on our adventure soon!

Life is crazy

oceansidebeach.jpg Life has been crazy around here. Between my sister-in-law and niece visiting, photo shoots, job hunting, and a last minute trip to Oceanside, ┬álife has been crazy. I’m so grateful for the family I’ve been able to seen recently, but I hope things slow down a little. Hopefully I’ll be playing a little catchup in the next few days cause I’ve got lots of photos and adventures to share. Thought I’d just pop in for a moment and say, hello, I’m alive. haha.

Spring florals

IMG_3596.jpgIMG_3604.jpgIMG_3632.jpg Yes I just posted a bunch of pictures that basically all look the same. Do I care? No. I love spring flowers so much. Well basically I love all flowers, but I love when spring colors actually fit the season. Here in Northern California we have been gifted with beautiful blossoms already. All of the grocery stores and markets are overflowing with blossoms so I picked some up. Just around the corner from my house there is an extremely expensive grocery store, however they have the best selection of flowers. I picked up some little roses, ranunculus, and some clearance filler flowers. On my way home I picked up some leaves from nearby plants all to make a floral headband (obviously not pictured). I was happy to have all of these lovely flowers left over and happily filled up my empty mason jar. Our house automatically looks better with these babies in the room. And there is my lengthy paragraph about how much I love flowers.

Happy Thursday everyone, my niece gets into town tonight. I’m gosh dang excited!