Grizzly Peak

I was going through some photos on my computer the other day and stumbled across these photos. These are from earlier in the summer (I don’t even remember the day) when Ryan and I headed up to Grizzly Peak. Grizzly Peak has sweeping views of the bay on a clear night (we got lucky with a clear night). Ryan stuck it out and let me take a self timed tripod pic while we were up there (he’s a trooper). I love the bay at night, it’s so beautiful with all of the colors. Does your city have any views like this? Any places I should check out?

City wear

I basically wear the same thing everyday. A gray or blue shirt and some jeans. For some reason I gravitate towards gray, its all I ever want to wear these days. I was at Costco the other day and saw this green vest. I loved the color and of course it was pretty cheap since it was at Costco so I decided to buy it. I really love the color of it and it happens to be perfect to wear in the city. On warmer days I can wear a short sleeve shirt and then throw on my vest which helps keep me warm with the city breezes. On cooler days or at night time I love wearing a hoodie under it. I totally feel like this vest is now a staple piece in my closet.

Also sometimes I feel like an old person while I’m buying my jeans and socks at Costco, but seriously Costco can totally have some great clothing finds. Costco for the win. Also this is why I’m not a fashion blogger because I buy clothing from Costco.

Take me out to the ball game

Real creative title for a baseball game post, I know. During the summer Ryan and I went to our first Giants game! I’d never been to like a real baseball game before (besides like small teams, college teams, etc.) because I’ve never really lived anywhere that has “a team.” Now that we live in the Bay Area there are lots of teams. We decided to go to a Giants game because we figured since we now live by all these awesome teams we might as well take advantage of it right? After work on a Friday Ryan and I met up and grabbed some dinner and then headed to the stadium. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful stadium. Not only is the stadium really cool but it also has a amazing views of the bay. We walked around the whole stadium and goodness it was a beautiful and clear day.  I’m not really a fan of sports, but I actually liked being at the game. We had decent seats by normal people so it was fun. I enjoyed some delicious garlic fries, not pictured because we ate them faster than I care to admit. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back to another game, in fact I hope we can go to a game again (who am I). Have you ever been to a baseball game?