Mosaic Steps

IMG_6679.jpg IMG_6743.jpg mosaicstairs1.jpgIMG_6842.jpgIMG_6853.jpg IMG_6819.jpg mosaicstairs4.jpg IMG_6767.jpgIMG_6852.jpg A few months ago I heard about the mosaic steps in San Francisco. While we spend most of our weekends adventuring in the city, we had yet to stop by these steps. When one of my best friends Meredith came to visit I knew we had to make it a priority to check out these steps. They were seriously beautiful. We could of spent all day look at all the intricate details of these steps. While they might not be one of the most famous things to see in SF I will definitely being going back. There’s so much color and beauty in these steps and I loved checking them out and will definitely be visiting them over and over again.

spring sweaters

If you know me, then you know I love sweaters. I hate summer because most the time it means no layering haha. We’ve been having a few heat waves pass over us these past few months, and then suddenly things started to cool down. The past few days the weather has been back to normal and absolutely beautiful. The other day there was a slight breeze and it was the perfect day to be outside wearing my favorite yellow sweater.yellowsweater.jpgIMG_0918.jpgyellowsweater2.jpgyellowsweater3.jpgAfter looking at these pictures I realized how blonde my hair was, I decided to tone things down yesterday, hopefully it looks ok. Pictures to come soon.

Some Guy

1.jpgIMG_7613.jpgIMG_7645.jpgIMG_7580.jpg This guy in downtown Oakland, two of my ¬†favorites. The other night we were driving around Oakland and found a new little spot we love. You know those streets that you walk down them and they just smell absolutely delicious, the light is just perfect, and the trees are covered in twinkle lights? Well this little area in Oakland is just like that. I snapped a few photos of Ryan by this fun wall, and we can’t wait to go back to this area. Places to eat on every corner and now we need to try them all. I love exploring the Bay Area, the more time we are here, the more I love Oakland. Here’s to long summer days and city sunsets.