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easterdress-19.jpgeasterdress-9.jpg1.jpgeasterdress-17.jpgeasterdress-12.jpg 2.jpgeasterdress-5.jpgeasterdress-2.jpg Well it’s been awhile I guess. Life has been crazy, I feel like I say that every time I stop blogging, which happens to be a lot. Anyways, in May it looks like things may slow down a bit.Tomorrow I’m actually headed to Utah for a few days, which should be fun, as long as the rain stays away. I hope everyone had a great Easter, I’ll be back soon!

  1. Faith on

    Hey you, you’ve been missed! Loving that outfit on you and these pictures! Glad to hear you’re doing well! Have a great time in Utah!

  2. nicole s. on

    weeee i was hoping you’d blog your easter outfit! i want to know where that dress is from. also, your hair is looking extra-perfect these days.

    xo nicole

  3. Emi on

    Love these pics and love seeing a post! Have fun in UT! Beautiful right now! Xo

  4. kelsey from {psheart} on

    blog land has missed you! I love this outfit…I need to teach myself how to layer! so cute ;)

  5. sydni on

    i adore your style/

  6. natalie on

    you are so pretty. your pictures are beautiful. and that dress is amaze. rach told me you are taking her and Justin’s pictures this weekend, i’m excited to see them!

  7. kelsey eaton on

    you look so cute! love the layering :) have fun in UT and hope you get to do tons of shoots!

  8. Tiff on

    As always, your photos are beautiful and creative! Love the dreamy feel! Great to see youre adjusting well in Nor Cal!! xoxo

  9. Audrey Hunter on

    UMMMM these pictures are SO CUTE! Love you!

  10. Suzanne on

    Reading through some of your old posts and somehow I missed this one before. Your outfit is perfect.

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