Spring florals

IMG_3596.jpgIMG_3604.jpgIMG_3632.jpg Yes I just posted a bunch of pictures that basically all look the same. Do I care? No. I love spring flowers so much. Well basically I love all flowers, but I love when spring colors actually fit the season. Here in Northern California we have been gifted with beautiful blossoms already. All of the grocery stores and markets are overflowing with blossoms so I picked some up. Just around the corner from my house there is an extremely expensive grocery store, however they have the best selection of flowers. I picked up some little roses, ranunculus, and some clearance filler flowers. On my way home I picked up some leaves from nearby plants all to make a floral headband (obviously not pictured). I was happy to have all of these lovely flowers left over and happily filled up my empty mason jar. Our house automatically looks better with these babies in the room. And there is my lengthy paragraph about how much I love flowers.

Happy Thursday everyone, my niece gets into town tonight. I’m gosh dang excited!

  1. Bekah on

    I never get sick of flower pictures. :)

  2. Susannah on

    Oh goodness, I NEED it to be spring!!!

  3. jenna on

    I love flowers just as much as you, I think! I love flower arrangements–you did a great job! In my wedding bouquet, I clipped greenery from plants around my house which made it extra special. ;)

  4. Faith on

    So pretty! Post all the flower pictures you desire, I love them!

  5. olivia on

    loved the ones you posted on insta the other night too

  6. Kels on

    So beautiful! I have a little bottle just waiting for some spring flowers. Maybe we will go on a walk tomorrow and try to find some :)

  7. Shyscout on

    Haha. These flowers are gorgeous! I get equally giddy about nice flowers and the fact that flowers should be in bloom shortly :]

  8. anna on

    um HIII yeah i’m obsessed with these.

  9. Meg on

    i love love these photos, such an absolutely gorgeous bouquet!!

  10. emi on

    mmmkayyyy these are perfect

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