Tour Guides for life

kayla-1.jpgkayla-7.jpg kayla-2.jpgkayla-4.jpg kayla-3.jpg kayla-5.jpgkayla2.jpg kayla-14.jpg kayla-17.jpgkayla3.jpg A few weeks back my niece came to visit us. She was here to check out some colleges in the area. While she was here we wanted to give her a tour of the city. We went around and took her to all the toursity “must see” places. Even though we are still new to the area, I swear we are always playing ‘tour guide’ to those that visit, but I don’t mind. Next time around we will take her to all our favorites of course. It was fun ┬áto take her to all of these places and I loved having my sister-in-law here too. They are both just so cute. I loved looking through these photos again, and I am already wanting them to come back and visit again! Love these girls, and more on our adventure soon!

  1. Julia Paige on

    Gorgeous photos, as usual! Your posts me want to pack up my bags and move to San Fran right now. Give me a tour when I arrive? ;) haha

  2. Precious on

    I want to visit San Francisco so bad! Looks like you had a great time! :)

  3. olivia on

    be my tour guide!!!

  4. Faith on

    Your pictures always make me jealous that I do not live in SF … if I did I would so be a tour guide for life! Lucky duck, you!

  5. Sierra on

    Looks like I need to come visit you and you take me on a tour!!

  6. Samantha on

    Oh San Fran, marry me.

    I’m dying to visit. What’s the best time of year to come?

    Samantha Heather

  7. anna on


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